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Jill Willis and Kathryn Avery



Westbury-on-Trym & Leigh Woods, Bristol


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Your first step in finding out more about supporting menopausal symptoms through nutrition with a free, no obligation wellness review via a phone consultation. You can discuss your health issues and goals, ask questions, find out how we work and decide if nutritional therapy is right for you.

From experience we know that the best way for clients to achieve results is by working with them over a longer period - It can take time to achieve the desired outcome; especially if there are multiple body systems, complex issues and chronic disease involved.

Nutrition Programs

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This plan is perfect for busy but motivated women who may have recently developed hormonal issues, related to peri/menopause.

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This programme is tailored for individuals with similar hormonal health issues but need further coaching with frequent catch ups, to help hold you accountable and keep you on track.

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If you have complex hormonal issues (>1 yr) and need close weekly support for a full health rebuild then this is the package for you.

About Us

What makes what we offer different from the volumes of nutrition and supplement recommendations you can find in books or online? We’ll work with you to develop your own personalised nutrition plan that works for YOU and YOUR specific symptoms.


Addressing hormonal issues and establishing new healthy habits aren’t made overnight – it’s a journey.
We’ll help motivate you to keep accountable and on track with a plan that makes manageable, gradual changes which suit you and your needs.  We also offer a wide variety of functional tests which can help shed light on your hormonal issues making our approach more targeted and can remove some of  the guess work. 


Qualifications: BSc (hons). DipCNM, BANT, IFM, ANP, CNHC, Zest4Life Associate, Health Coach

We have both been managing own personal journeys through the menopause for several years and became friends during our four years studying at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. 


As Registered Nutritional Therapists and Health Coaches, we realise how many other women struggle during their transition through peri/menopause often with little or no support and decided that our nutritional knowledge combined with our own valuable personal experience would help others.

There are many challenging symptoms of the perimenopause / menopause; from migraines to mood swings, hot flashes to insomnia, we’ve been there.  Trying to find your own answers to your problems can feel daunting and overwhelming.

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