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Menopause Consultations

Types of Consultation

GP Support

Personalised support from a Doctor, specially trained in the menopause, with an initial consultation. 
Management options can involve lifestyle changes, hormonal replacement or non hormonal treatments. It depends on what the woman wants to get from her appointment.

Unpausable specialist

Dr. Ella Russell

 As an NHS and subsequently, a private GP with 20 years of clinical experience, I have developed an expertise and an immense passion for supporting women struggling with their perimenopausal and menopausal transition.


What makes what we offer different from the volumes of nutrition and supplement recommendations you can find in books or online? We’ll work with you to develop your own personalised nutrition plan that works for YOU and YOUR specific symptoms.

Unpausable Specialist

Jill Willis and Kathryn Avery

Kathryn and Jill have experienced most menopausal symptoms. As Registered Nutritional Therapists and Health Coaches in supporting health and wellbeing during menopause they can help you make manageable daily changes to diet and lifestyle to help improve your symptoms and create a happier, healthier you.

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